Free Download: Los Reverse's "Grouvie Groupie" + Video [MEX]

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Pretty girls, lollipops, cigarettes, and kitty masks are the protagonists in Los Reverse’s new video, “Grouvie Groupie” (different spelled in the video as “Grouvye). We couldn’t expect less from the video since Alan Yee–-a master in photography of girls thrashing around–-directed it. Milk pouring into mouths, bathtub scenes, women eating cereal from dog trays; not harmful imagery, just cliché-y scenes of what people might think rock ‘n’ roll is all about. But we all know the truth: band gigs are usually full of men and their beer bellies. But hey, we can all dream, right?

A video full of sexual innuendos couldn’t be better paired than with a song full of garage rock and blues-based catchy riffs. And even better, you can download it here legally.

[insert-video youtube=Pre0y3-paAs]