Free Download: Los Ribereños' "Silbando" (GRC Remix)

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This song here has gone a long way. First it was released in Perú during the 70’s in some obscure local label. Many years later it was found on some dusty 7” record by New York’s chicha digger extraordinaire Oliver Conan (of Chicha Libre) who selected it for the compilation The Roots Of Chicha II released last year on Barbés Records. Then the funky remix masters of Greenwood Rhythm Coallition (GRC) made this remix, updating it for the current dance floors and making it DJ friendly, and irresistible.

That version, along with the original, were released late last year on a 7” single record by Electric Cowbell and it became an instant hit. Up to that point, Electric Cowbell was a record label that exclusively released new material on that old-school outdated format that drives diggers, collectors and DJs crazy but is widely ignored by the mainstream crowd.

Now, in its ultimate incarnation, that remix by the GRC, is included in this new compilation called 101 Things To Do In Bongolia, the first release by Electric Cowbell to come out on CD (as well as digital release, available on 6/28). The compilation also includes Latin-flavored tracks by the likes of Bio-Ritmo and Spanglish Fly (a remix of Spanglish Fly being the best track of the comp, hands down), plus some other funk, soul and indy gems worth checking out.

Los Ribereños: “Silbando” (GRC Remix)