Free Download: Los Violetas give away their Areír debut!

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A reír they say! Laughter is the appropriate sound that should come out of our mouths (the one “with,” not “at”), because the dream-pop trio Los Violetas yesterday announced that their 2010 debut Areír is now available to download for FREE!!! Yooooopi!!

Since Los Violetas’ emergence, we’ve been keen followers of the Dominican Republican-based group’s music, whose compositions include two lead singers, two guitarists, and two keyboardist. Double sonority! Au7ro, Fiona Shékuby, and Jonny K-Maleonic make up the band and all hold their rhythmic sound melodies at an electrifying pop consistency.

Los Violetas otherworldly soap-operatic singles “Televisores” and “El Verdor” did land a sweet spot on our site, especially with making the cut to #20 with “El Verdor” for Best 25 Latin Tracks of 2010! Yes, their über-Latin pop shell is not only mother-approved, but Remezcla approves too.

If you haven’t gotten your hard or digital copy of Areír, find out what the ballyhoo’s all about and click on Los Violeta’s official web page for your free digital download HERE!

Heck, laugh, cry, and smile all you want for free music! For your eyes, here’s the music video for “Areír.”