Free Download: Los Waldners' "Eclipse total del Corazón" + Video Premiere [C.R.]

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Los Waldners are the latest members of the small Costa Rican family of indie music prodigies, joining Las Robertas, 424, Ave Negra, and others. A few weeks ago they debuted an album that seems to be specifically made for high school sweethearts and the consequent longing of older folks like us.

The album’s name, Eclipse Total Del Corazón, might throw you off at first glance, but it has nothing to do with Bonnie Tyler’s anthemic ballad. Instead, the simplest forms of love and loss blend in with floating guitar chords and soothing repetitions. There are no inflated metaphors, no pretentious rhythms…only subtle nostalgia, like handwritten verses in the back of a notebook. Even though the album works as a whole, some notable tracks include opener “Papalotes,” the confessions found between the lines of “Rodolfo, Si Tus Ojos Pudieran Hablar,” the angsty “Lo Mismo,” and the crowning first single, “Ella Usaba Vestidos.”

But don’t take my word for it. To truly appreciate it, download this pretty little thing before they run out of free copies, and save it for a rainy, contemplative afternoon. And don’t forget to pay attention to the lyrics, because it’s always a good time to update your dated AIM status message.

Here’s the video for “Papalotes” directed by Cristóbal Serrá.

[insert-video youtube=rauhinT9cQI]