Free Download: Maria Del Pilar’s “Motivation”

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I have two words that may conjure some pleasant memories for some of our readers: Los Abandoned. Remember them? They were an awesome little indie band from Los Angeles who, as the story ALWAYS goes, broke up just as they were making an indelible mark on the alt. latino landscape. Thankfully, the Lady P, or Maria Del Pilar as she’s now known, is still around writing and recording tunes to keep our feet tapping.
“Motivation” is the first official single for Pilar’s upcoming, dual-language (ingles/spanish) debut album courtesy of Cosmica Artists. Anyone who has been lucky enough to see her in concert over the past year or so should recognize this one. It’s got an old-school, Madonna-in-the-early-80s-minus-the-sex vibe to it and es very nice.