Free Download: Matinée as Hell's From Outer Space Compilation [GLOBAL]

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Mexico-based blog Matinée as Hell, led by online music digger Fernando Victoria, has concocted a gem of a compilation featuring acts both local and beyond. But this isn’t the blog’s first compilation rodeo. In the past, the site has released seven comps under the banner ASHELL.

From Outer Space is the series’ rebranding, a new platform for emerging artists (35 of them to be exact!) to mingle with others of their ilk. So we have Mexican acts like Los Blenders, San Pedro el Cortez, O Tortuga, and Josué Josué cozied up alongside international artists like Massachusetts’ The Derevolutions, Micronesia-raised Manett, and Tokyo’s Elen Never Sleeps.

It’s a really inspired collection, one that, fortunately, introduced me to tons of weird/great new acts. I’m sure it’ll do the same for you. Download, now.