Free Download: (me llamo) Sebastián Questions Gender Binaries in "Niños Rosados" [CHL]

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Sebastián Sotomayor’s singer-songwriter project, (me llamo) Sebastián, seems to be a shoe-in for the new wave of Chilean pop exports club, following the line of Alex Anwandter and Francisca Valenzuela.

As a dude that grew up in Chile playing with Barbies and dancing to Britney choreographies during lunch breaks, his new single “Niños Rosados” really hits close to home for me. The video tackles the social obligations that one must comply with as a boy or as a girl (basically this little girl’s rant made into song) as well as breaking down gender binaries. But Sebastián’s message is even more powerful when set in Chile, where machismo and religious prejudice is as thick as the cloud of smog that hovers over the valley of Santiago. Hopefully more artists can follow Sebastián’s example, take more queues from RuPaul’s life story, paint their faces, and empower more LGBTQ Latinxs.

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