Free Download: Mediopicky’s Cantinas EP [DOM]

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After hyping up the masses with the cute-as-pie preview single,La Ola,” featuring Cristabel Acevedo from the sister duo Las Acevedo, Mediopicky finally unleashed his new EP, Cantinas: six rapid-fire songs where the producer takes everything from bugalú to cumbia, mashes it together with hardcore beats, and manages to create some of the happiest, freakiest, and danceable tracks to debut in the Caribbean this month.

Mixing Latin genres with dancehall vocals, dubstep breaks, and grimy, electro-tinged synth lines has proven to be a winning combination for Mediopicky. The opening track, “Brand New Boogaloo,” is an infectious moombahton jam with an island-oriented vibe, cementing the producer’s status as the DR’s urban dance music wunderkind. It only gets more interesting and tongue in cheek from there, as Mediopicky mines the ubiquitous merengue ripiao rhythms to make an interesting trap song like “Chinola K,” featuring Pat. It ends up sounding like a Caribbeanized happy-hardcore track and it’s pretty damn hard to stay put while listening to it.

He also throws in some cumbia style accordions in the dubstep-tinged “Completo” and goes full raver on the track “Onzas.” The latter is one of the best and most inventive songs on the EP, as he plays with different tempos and loops. If you’re down for a good party record, grab this one for free over at Tropical Bass.

Mediopicky’s Cantinas EP by Mediopicky on Mixcloud