Free Download: Priscila Gzz vs Fratelli Riviera vs Johnny Cash – Hurt (Meketrefe Mashup)

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Jonny Cash‘s cover of Nine Inch Nails‘ classic “Hurt” will probably go down in history as one of the best makeovers of one of the most self-deprecating tracks of all time. Cash‘s anguish probably shadows the softness of Trent Reznor‘s introspective turmoil. But, even if you venture to Leona Lewis recent take on the melodramatic overtures and operatic rise of this heroine addiction suicide note, you’ll have to appreciate Quiero Club‘s Priscila Gzz‘s rendition here for its languid tread between Reznor and Cash.

Priscila‘s voice captures the scratchy cadence of a death rattle while carrying the melody to a somehow darker place. Meketrefe‘s mixing and mashup between Fratelli Riviera‘s very funk driven congo segment at the latter half of the track might distract from the overall tone of the piece, but they don’t seem entirely out of place considering the electro noise they decided to work with.

Download and enjoy this Meketrefe mashup below.