Free Download: Mezcla's "Negro" [ARG]

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Mezcla isn’t just two thirds of our name. It’s also what happens when Argentine producers Gustavo Lamas and Ismael Pinkler get together to make music.

Both are very respected names in the house music scene in their country and are also well known abroad thanks to innumerable releases on European, American, and Mexican record labels. Lamas has been doing house, ambient, and techno tracks since the ’90s and has remixed artists like Gustavo Cerati, Altocamet, and Clorofila, among many others. Pinkler specializes in delicate, downtempo ambient textures and worked as a producer and sound mixing engineer for artists like Mexico’s Rebolledo, Chile’s Fredi Michel, and Argentina’s DJ Pareja.

When together as Mezcla, Lamas and Pinkler focus on spacey, hypnotic tracks with a classic house feel. Their self-titled debut includes eight impeccable instrumental tracks and was released by Argentina’s premier indie label, Estamos Felices, available worldwide in digital format.