Free Download: Miss Garrison's deAaB [CHL]

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Our favorite Spain-dwelling Chileans have finally released their sophomore full-length, deAaB, a nine-track-deep, impeccably messy outing. If “I”’s devastating beauty got your blood pumping as much as mine, then deAaB won’t disappoint you. The trio—comprised of Francisca Straube (Picnic Kibun), Tomás Rivera, and Matías López—incorporated five of the singles already released with four unheard ones, all available for free download.

Straube’s percussion is consistently immaculate, as are her occasional vocal yelps and belts. Some songs hang back—“Cowboy” and “Uno”—while others charge forth with an agenda—“Whisky Boy” and “Montaña B.” But this collection is less about individual tracks and stand-alone moments, and more concerned with fomenting a directive mood: sensual, pensive, and prone to outbursts. If this sounds like every person you’ve ever dated, then deAaB might be a little too real for you. But if you’re intrigued by the possibility of an erratic, incohesive album, then dig in.