Free Download: Miss Garrison's Devastatingly Euphoric "I" EP [CHL]

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This is one for the headphones, people. Spain-via-Chile’s Miss Garrison is a lady-led trio of subtle yet grand proportions. Their sophomore LP, deAaB, is upcoming on Endemika Records and their two-track pre-LP EP is getting me crazy excited for it. “I’” is the newest of both singles and its video can be seen below, directed by Paula Sepúlveda. It’s a devastatingly euphoric song—what with all the shimmering and trembling—that flourishes while maintaining this static constancy to it. It’s as hypnotic as it is alarming. Because I’ve now listened to it more times than I probably need to, I can say that it’s without a doubt one of my favorite songs of the year so far. Francisca Straube‘s affected/ing voice is such an exciting revelation (we also hear she’s a beast on the drums). The EP includes two versions of “I’,” the original mix and a strings version. So, double yay.

The second track, “Montaña B,” is a more straightforward post-rock stab, relying heavily on jangly guitars and digital surges. But don’t take my lessened hyperbolism as an affront to the song. It’s damn good, too.

Download the bilingual EP from Chile trio Miss Garrison, like, right now. It’s free. What are you waiting for? I said go. Do it. Jeez.

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