Free Download: Molina y Los Cósmicos' Debut EP, El Desencanto [URU]

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Not only is Uruguay the Latin American country with the most relaxed cannabis laws and the coolest, most memed president, they also (and maybe not at all coincidentally) have a thriving indie music scene.

From a tiny town near the frontier with Brazil comes Molina y Los Cósmicos, the most recent exponent of this Uruguayan spring. They appeared on our radar barely two months ago with their first video and we immediately fell in love with their sunny indie folk with touches of Spaghetti western.

They just released El Desencanto, their seven-song debut EP and it’s available for free download on their Web site, or, if you feel ultra-generous, you can always indirectly support the Uruguayan super progressive government by purchasing your copy through bandcamp (name your own price) and inject some dollars into their local economy.

(Photo Credit: Edgardo Kevorkian)