Free Download: Monsieur Periné's "La Muerte"

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Since 2007, Colombia’s Monsieur Periné have been creating some of the most inventive and, dare I say it, cutest music in this hemisphere. They’ve taken their cues from contemporary French pop, chanson, 1930’s jazz and swing, to create an eclectic fusion of European and Latin American musical traditions. According to the band’s biography, they’ve been “directly inspired by 1930’s and 1940’s France” and by the music of Django Reinhardt, but they’re also extremely well-versed in interpreting bossa nova, son cubano, salsa, cumbia, porro, raspa, bolero…man, what can’t these guys (and one awesome girl) do?

Needless to say, Monsieur Periné is one complex project, made even more fun and spritely by the eponymous and mustachioed imaginary character that gives the project plenty of personality and sass. They also sing in four languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish and English), so for those polyglots out there, you’re in for a feast.

Another thing that makes Monsieur Periné unique is that despite their ever growing fanbase, the band has managed to remain independent. Yet, word of mouth and incredible musicianship during their live performances and music videos have landed them on plenty of international stages, one of the most recent being Vive Latino 2013 in Mexico City. And to celebrate that performance, the band – Catalina García, Santiago Prieto, Camilo Parra, Nicolás Junca, Fabián Peñaranda, Miguel Guerra and Daniel Chebair- are giving away La Muerte, their latest single, as a free download on their website.

You can download both the video clip and the single, so you can, as they say, “descarga La Muerte para que la lleves siempre contigo.” Y de una vez, enjoy su suin a la colombiana.

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Download Monsieur Periné’s Hecho a Mano below: