Free Download: Monte's "Islas"

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In yet another entry into The Good-Looking Vinyl Art Club, we have Costa Rica’s Monte with a more-than-interesting project. Back in October the band collaborated on a split 7-inch with Islas Canarias’ singer Fajardo. Each band recorded two songs, an original and a cover of each other’s work. Monte beautifully covered Fajardo’s “Por su pelo,” and Fajardo took a stripped-down stab at Monte’s “Ulises.” The two originals, “Islas” by Monte and Fajardo’s “La noche,” round out this honest, ambitious effort. It’s a joy to listen to all four songs, not because these are boisterous or jovial tracks (although “Islas” has an anthemic quality to it), but because it’s exciting to see two already-independently-exciting projects come together so seamlessly.

Monte also released this spur-of-the-moment clip for “Islas,” directed by scene-favorite helmer Adriana Ramírez, who’s directed videos for Zópilot!, Las Robertas, and Los Cuchillos, among others. The video, filmed spontaneously at a house party, also features animation by Monte member and former Robertas drummer Franco Valenciano.

Download Monte’s “Islas” exclusively via Remezcla and watch the simian-focused clip for the track below.

[insert-video vimeo=63100135]