Free Download: Mr. Pauer's Electrópico Mixtape Vol. 2

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With his 10 years of DJing in Miami, hitting up the cumbia, tropi-tronic, and even the live drums, as well as graphic design experience with Boom Magazine, Mr. Pauer (pronounced Mr. Power) has had an outstanding and interesting career. He started out rocking it steady as an alt-englsih and alt-spanish DJ party-starter in Florida. After investigating and mashing up more and more, the electronic world opened up. His electropico love grew from listening to rock en español, boleros and a lot of bi-cultural sounds. Venezuela-born, living tropical is a natural act and outcome of this DJ’s music. Crossing worlds of old and new with ease and efficiency, Mr. Pauer is a classic and smooth representative of a transnational sound as much as he as an ambassador of cultures. His first fully produced album Soundtrack garnered much acclaim among critics and fans. Having toured the world and recently DJ-ing LAMC New York, we’re sure you’ll slip into your salsa shoes and start swinging hips in no time to his latest Electropico Mixtape Vol. 2.

Electrópico Mixtape Vol. 2 by Mr Pauer