Free Download: Murciano Total's "La Fábrica Las Guapas" [ESP]

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In the never-ending high school dance that is the Latin alt world, Chile’s the long-reigning prom queen. Boosted by artists like Alex Anwandter, Gepe, Fakuta, Protistas, Adrianigual, Ases Falsos, Dënver, Javiera Mena, Pedropiedra, Astro, Ana Tijoux, and Insert More Names Here, Chile grew to become an important representation of “the scene,” all on its own. This won’t change, that we’re sure of, but 2013 is feeling more and more like the year of Spain with every new online stream and free download.

Joining No Fucks, Svper, espíritusanto, Algora, Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, BFlecha, Los Bonsáis, Joe Crepúsculo, Súper Cadáver, and even Chilean expats Miss Garrison (among many others) in the ranks of Spanish scene mascots are Murciano Total, a synth-pop duo from Murcia. You can download all five of the tracks on their SoundCloud, as well as their latest, “El Príncipe Oscuro de Fortuna.” But we recommend the grandness of “La Fábrica Las Guapas” in particular. The group doesn’t have an album or EP out yet, so keep checking back to see what they whip up.

[insert-video youtube=YUpF91WY6kU]