Músicos de José's "Sesiones de Azotea" (Beat Buffet remix)

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Can I say that I’m glad I got to review this track? I have a big weekend coming up and this song is the perfect way to set it off. “Sesiones de Azoeta” by Los Músicos de José is a nice jazz number…or, I should say, was a nice jazz number until DF’s Beat Buffet got their hands on it. It’s now a bass-thumping, horn-blaring, Latin swag machine thanks to Raul Sotomayor, Pablo Borchi, Paco Gomez, Esteban Tovar, Ivan Herrera, and Diego Huidobro.

This track is an incredible mix of hip-hop, dance and latin sounds plus vocals that weren’t on the original track, which was recorded for Los Musicos de Jose’s album of remixes, Different Sounds, also featuring remixes by Origami, Da Punto Beat, Niña Dioz and more.

Download “Sesiones de Azotea” below, preferably while coasting through your city’s downtown area in a convertible.

Los Músicos de Jose – Sesiones de Azotea (Beat Buffet remix)