Free Download: Nickodemus' "The Nuyorican Express" (Nic2birilli Clap Your Hands Remix) [USA]

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Nickodemus is widely known as one of the most requested remixers when it comes to funky music with international flavor. Even though he’s not Latino, the NY-based producer has been associated with the crème de la crème of the Latin alt scene, remixing tracks by the likes of M.I.S., Si*Sé, Empresarios, and Pernett, or co-producing with his friend Quantic on one of the biggest Latin dance anthems of the past decade.

Well, this time around the tables have turned and it’s Nickodemus who’s getting remixed by others. His 2012 album Moon People becomes Moon People Remixed on this seven-track release, digitally out today on Wonderwheel Recordings. “The Nuyorican Express” remixed by Nic2birilli is the most explicitly Latin (and maybe the funkiest) track on it. For a limited time you can download it for FREE right here, but make sure to check out the rest of the album too.

Download Nickodemus’ Moon People Remixed below: