Free Download: Niña Dioz' "Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha" & "Lola"

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Mexico’s electro rapper chick Niña Dioz jumps in the SoundCloud bandwagon and delivers five instant download tunes quickly making their way to our iPod “badass rolas” playlist. La morra que salió de Monterrey lays some cool hip hop tracks where she pays ode to friends who wear baseball caps and sneakers in “Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha” reminiscing some good ol’ times spent. She also features the ectrocumbia-centric tune “Criminal Sound (El hijo de la cumbia remix)” (available again 🙂) laying some heavy trumpet melodies, firm güiro percussion and lyrical rhymes to get up and search for the nearest hip hop slash guaguancó fiesta around.

You’ll also find other dedicated tracks where Niña Dioz raps to the master slither party-goer “Lola” who loves to go nude while drinking her whiskey, and “Frepo, Minimal Man!” which carries high-fi screeching electro beats. Nonetheless, load off her wicked downloads by clicking here, or get these below:

Chicos, Tenis y Cachucha (Prod. by Lil’ Go) by Nina Dioz

Lola (Prod. by Alejandro Rosso) by Nina Dioz