Free Download: Niña's Dream-folk "Una Ardilla en el Camino" Out Today!

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The Monterrey-based alt-folk band Niña hones a remarkably heartfelt folk-pop song weaving a scape of dream-like melancholic fretwork, including an ambient climax of buoyant distortion. Nectarous sun splash!

The trio’s second single “Una Ardilla en el Camino” off the Cool como fresco? O como Yo? EP delights in such a way transporting me into a green grassy field where squirrels sneak around me attempting to snatch a munch off my ripened yellow banana. Maybe this is a bit uncanny, yet maybe not so much considering the single’s cover is a banjo-playing squirrel.

So how sweet is the sound? Very! Niña’s lyrics even suggest that the evanescence of broken dreams will vanish in the air. Okay, now this is a bit more obscur, or not. You be the judge.

Thanks to Happy-Fi, the track is available to download FREE starting today!

To download, click HERE, hear it, and tell us what you think.