Free Download: Nitoniko’s “Colimbo"

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Come June, the Barcelona-based duo known as Nitoniko will release the follow up to 2010’s Selva de Mar via Molécula Records. Whereas Selva de Mar mostly sported light and fluffy pop tunes, Rayos y Centellas looks to be taking a more dramatic approach if first single “Colimbo” is any indication. The song uses the bird metaphor (colimbo) to touch on the experience of love and loss. Pair that feeling with Juanjo Pedro’s emotionally ravaged voice and Paulo Murphy’s darker electro riffs and you get a pretty powerful first single.

Download Nitoniko’s “Colimbo,” off the upcoming Rayos y Centellas here.

And get a behind-the-scenes peek at the duo via the “Colimbo” clip, directed by Conjunto Vacío Estudio Creativo.

[insert-video youtube=ZRT2esTsMcw]