Free Download: Nortec's Pepe Mogt, 12 hours of free music

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No other city claims its own soundtrack of fiercely blended genres the way Nortec represents Tijuana. The birth place of a genre and band, Nortec Collective has captivated our attention since 1999. Since Pepe Mogt started sampling norteño, tambora and banda sinaloense mixed with electro bass beats to carve his way into our hearts and psyches, we’ve be shuffling feet and bump bump bumping along nonstop to his tuba, clarinet and bass drum infested grooves. There’s no other way to explain Mogt’s influence on the the Mexican and world dance arena but to say through his diligence we’ve found the origins of a genre, a lifestyle, and the make up of an identity. The Nortec collective and Pepe’s various alias, Fussible, Latinsizer, Artefakto, Las Cajas Del Ritmo, Monnithor among a few, are crucial to the soundscape of every young Latino and globe trotting audiophile.

Plug into Mogt’s 12 hours worth of free downloads by clicking HERE and enjoy the long walk across the desert. Something tells me like the audio-addicted nomads many of us are, you’ll be back for more.