Free Download: Novalima's "Mamaye" (Nappy Riddem Remix) [USA]

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It’s been a while since Novalima released Karimba, their critically acclaimed third official album, but remixes of its tracks keep popping up.

It was in June 2012 when we posted the first remix to leak out of that album, then there was a whole collection of remixes released last year and here we are, in 2014, with yet one more remix.

This time is DC’s production trio Nappy Riddem, of the Fort Knox family, taking their shot at “Mamaye,” an already infectious tune in its original form, that had been previously remixed in sped-up versions by Seiji and Nickodemus, but neither were as funky as this new one that keeps the source’s BPM.

Now, I love Novalima and I’m always down to add more remixes to my collection, and Karimba hasn’t gotten a bit old, so it’s totally cool, but seriously, these guys need to release some new material soon to feed the hungry remixers out there.