Free Download: Novalima's Mr. R remixes Nickodemus' "The Nuyorican Express" [Global]

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I was barely waking up this morning, still a bit hungover from last night’s party when I found this link to a new remix of one of my favorite Nickodemus tracks. Now I can’t stop listening to it and all I want to do is skip this long, tedious, workday ahead of me and go straight to my DJ gig tonight, where I know that dropping this track in my set will ignite the dance floor.

Last year, New York’s Nickodemus traveled to Peru for a Turntables In Lima party and there he met with Novalima, who kinda became the ambassadors of modern Peruvian music to the rest of the world. Regardless of their geographical distance, they found out they had plenty in common when it comes to musical influences, and their overall idea of mixing Latin and African roots with modern electronic beats, dub techniques and live instrumentation.

As a result, they started a “remix exchange,” because, yeah kids, that’s what likeminded producers do: you remix me, I remix you and everybody is happy. And this, my friends, is what happens when an already great track by Nickodemus falls in the hands of Novalima’s founding member Mr. R (a.k.a. Ramón Pérez-Prieto). Put it on repeat.