FREE DOWNLOAD: Novalima's "Diablo" (DJ Sabo Remix) [USA/PER]

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Novalima has a new album dropping today. More accurately, it’s a collection of remixes from their latest opus, Karimba, plus one previously unreleased original track.

It’s been a year since we first shared with you the rumors about this album with its first leaked remix. Back then we didn’t have any information about it. I guess the delay in the release had to do with the Afro-Peruvian combo switching record labels from ESL to Wonderwheel.

But Karimba Diabolic Remixes is finally out and it includes plenty of familiar names from label owner Nickodemus to Barcelona’s Los Chicos Altos to LA’s DJ Sabo (whose moombahton take on “Diablo” is available here for free download). There are some memorable surprises too, like the remix/mash-up/cover by France’s second most famous Latino, Sergent García.

My only disappointment is not seeing any Peruvian names among the remixers. I’d like to see what Novalima turns into in the hands of, let’s say, Dengue Dengue Dengue! or Chong-X.