Free Download: Nubes En Mi Casa’s hazy “Cuerpo” [ARG]

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Not all that booms out of Buenos Aires speakers is global bass. We wouldn’t fault anyone for thinking otherwise, seeing how we tend to focus on artists from ZZK and other like-minded labels. Nubes En Mi Casa, however, are here to remind us that Argentina has much more to offer.

Nubes En Mi Casa wins the award for Most Appropriately Named Band. The rock/pop outfit, led by singer/guitarist Josefina Mac Loughlin and guitarist/keyboardist Hernán Dadamo, have been creating dreamy tunes since 2007. This is probably what Broadcast would’ve sounded like if they focused more on their guitar work than on their keys/synths and spent more time in the South American sun instead of chilly ol’ England.

Their latest offering is the video for single Cuerpo off last year’s Me Suelto Y Vuelvo. Director Ezequiel Acuña takes the viewer through a hazy, springtime flashback. We have the free track below, so check it out!

[insert-video youtube=ouZpf_JswUk]

Photo by Bruno Giglio.