Free Download: Ocean Noise's Noisebleed [MEX]

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It seems like every band these days wants to be The Jesus & Mary Chain, but you don’t hear about too many who idolize The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Ensenada’s Ocean Noise—the fuzz-obsessed, psych-inspired trio—lists the Anton Newcombe project as one of its main muses. You hear a fair amount of this on their recent second EP, Noisebleed, a four-song sampler of reverb, drone, and the occasional organ and synth work.

Hail all my friends” is the finest example of all these elements at work, with a cameo by Lorena Quintanilla of Lorelle Meets the Obsolete. But I can’t help but wonder if their output would be more interesting in Spanish, more personal and fleshed out. Food for thought. While I ponder, download for FREE below.

Photo by Torres PhotoWork.