Free Download: Orquesta ft. Zuzuka Poderosa drop "Dona Sandra" + Zuzuka's Tour Dates!

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Baile funk’s own Zuzuka Poderosa drops a dope fresh gritty track “Dona Sandra” along with Dublin-based producer Orquesta.

Orquesta eloquently weaves San Antonio’s Sonora Peligrosa, NYC-based DJ Reaganomics and Thoranto, and with adding a Portuguese rhyming carioca bass vocalist only results into a sweet tropical sound that takes us to the Amazonian landscapes of aural bliss.

Take a listen, download, and enjoy the sultry ride to the tropical humidity of “Dona Sandra,” plus check out the Zuzuka Power Tour and witness music-warrior girl Zuzuka create her “interracial music babies” on tour!

Orquesta ft. Zuzuka Poderosa: Dona Sandra