Free Download: Pacifika's "Yo te amo" (Adam Popowitz Remix) [CAN]

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“It’s love in its various forms: love of nature, love of another, love that is lost, love that is eternal—basically all that makes us what we are humans.” –Pacifika lead singer, Silvana Kane

World music wonders Pacifika are indulging the planet yet again with music. After a four-year pause, Amor Planeta (out May 6) will shake our players with fresh tracks guaranteed to make us feel one with the true natural vibes of our big, blue-and-green, communal home. Based on how lead singer Silvana Kane describes the following song title and the name of the album itself, she means love as a serious business.

The original “Yo Te Amo” comes off as an enticing declaration in true Pacifika fashion, surrounded by blissful expressions and down-to-earth rhythms. But the band’s own guitarist, Adam Popowitz, reworked this song from the inside with an electronic approach. He gets rid of the verses only to chop those essential three words into every turn. The result might not reflect the more organic approach the band has taken in their creation process, but it still carries the carefree, magic, and festive spirit every Pacifika song has.