Free Download: Panteros666’s “Baby F-16” (Andre VII Remix) [EU]

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Electro-house and techno maven Andre VII-–member of The Wookies and Club 303—has taken on the music of a couple of greats like Mexican Institute of Sound, The xx, El Columpio Asesino, and Kinky to create amazing remixes that have a life of their own. Now, Andre VII remixes French producer Panteros666’s “Baby F-16” from his latest 12” single off Bromance Records.

Hailing from the French collective Club Cheval, Panteros666 is a renowned producer across dance floors in Europe, and is also a self-proclaimed vintage dance and techno collector who’s used his influences to craft an undeniably unique style. His omnivorous tendencies lead him to create music that’s not quite trance, not quite techno, not quite tribal, and, yet, incredibly danceable. The original “Baby F-16” falls in between all of those genres, making it a cerebral but fun track.

I have a feeling Andre VII’s approach is similar to the producers’, turning “Baby F-16” into a dark, pulsing track, in contrast with the more trance-driven original. Keeping the track’s female vocals, the D.F.-based producer pushes the song more toward a vintage tech-house sound with a bit of minimal influence. With sparse synths, a driving beat, and those hypnotizing, looped vocals, the track gets under your skin. Go dance, now!