Free Download: Patafunk’s “Don’t Wait For Me” ft. Mango & Vera [VEN]

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2012 was a pretty good year for Patafunk. The dreadlocked DJ/producer from Caracas, who’s been living in Brooklyn since 2010 and probably partying it up with his Venezuelan homies in Los Amigos Invisibles, dropped a few tracks over the summer that had us dancing all night and missing our deadlines as a result. He’s set to do that all over again this summer starting with his latest track, “Don’t Wait For Me.”

The track is a slight deviation from usual funk-filled musical affairs. This time, he dials back the funk for some OG house and disco. It’s a wonderful summertime break from all the trap/dub/breaks/robot-sex-noise shenanigans of the past few years.

Listen and download below.