Free Download: Patafunk's "NegraChinaLatina" ft. Ferrari Snowday

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Negra, China, o Latina? Patafunk‘s latest Brooklyn residence is indeed a melting pot that just keeps brewing. By way of Venezuela and  DJs by trade, this duo with no specific genre (because they have over a dozen) lays what I feel is safe to call a funky electrohop track, none other than “NegraChinaLatina.” The “funk” in Patafunk does also suggest soul, house, tropical, and reggae.

Made up by Cem and Su Patafunk, the Spanglish sung tune features New York’s hip hop duo Ferrari Snowday where they sing soul-like and R&B vocals. The track also carries sonic-sounding synths, electropical bass, and lots of playero grooves that’s certainly beach-bumpin’ friendly. See what I tell y’all! All these sound descriptors just keep rolling out.

Last week this duo performed at The Spot by Heineken, so I’m definitely still high of their cool Playa-soundscapes. Off their latest album, get track number 2 here for FREE.

NegraChinaLatina ft Ferrari Snowday by Patafunk