Free Download: Pato Machete's "Soy"

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Remember Pato Machete? We don’t blame you if you don’t. It’s been a musical eternity since our favorite Monterrey-based, regiomontana rapper released his solo debut, Contrabanda.
The wait, thankfully, is finally over with the release of his latest single, “Soy.”

“Soy” comes to our speakers a full year after the release of his 2010 single “Alma.” Why the long wait? We’re not sure but we’re glad the track, which appears on his upcoming sophomore release Volumen 33, is finally seeing the light of day thanks to the DF-based label Happy-Fi.

Musically, “Soy” is a pretty straightforward track: guitars, drums, some synths and, more importantly, Pato’s rapid-fire, raspy delivery. Lyrically, it sounds like Pato is becoming ever more introspective as time goes on.

Courtesy from our friends at Happy-Fi, you can download “Soy” for FREE here , or just click on the player below. Also, keep your eyes peeled in October when Volumen 33 gets a proper release.