Free Download: Picnic Kibun's Megalinda EP [CHL]

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Picnic Kibun is one of the raddest groups to come out of Latin America. Their assaulting mix of electro pop, hip-hop, and lo-fi rock captures a really interesting time in pop music, a time when anything goes and the age-old adage “less is more” has been forced into retirement. Picnic Kibun surgically stuffs its music with every instinct it has, while somehow maintaining an even keel.

Yesterday, the band fronted by Tatsu Jones and backed by Juan Necochea and Miss Garrison’s Fran Straube, released a three-track EP off their label child, Endemika Records. Megalinda EP includes two studio tracks—the EP title track and “Nation of Two”—as well as a live version of what I consider the group’s signature song, “Taganga.” “Taganga” should be experienced with headphones in order to appreciate every vocal layer, every rise and fall.