Free Download: Picnic Kibun's Previa Me Up EP [CHL]

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We all know it’s hard to let go. Especially when the object of your attention informs you they have to go abroad and suddenly it’s over. That’s kinda what Chilean-based electronic ensemble Picnic Kibun did a few months ago, when the lead singer, Harvey Tatsu Jones, moved to London. The trio then decided to separate and continue with their other side projects. A couple of live shows later, the Picnic was over in late December.

But, like some exes do, a new EP came back in town and showed up unannounced at our doors. Previa Me Up is the name of the post-breakup song and its four remixes by Argentine and Chilean producers. Intended as a tribute to the party-before-the-actual-party, known as “la previa” in the Southern Cone, each song takes the essence of PK’s ethereal, festive sound and tweaks it a little to create new moods and rhythms.

After we accept the terms of this one-of-a-kind free download, what’s left is to embrace the present and say yes to an extra night of fun with no attachments. Probably the next day you’ll have to clean up the bottles, but damn, what a previa that was. We’re still talking about the band, right?