Free Download: Prehistöricos’ Nuestro Día Vendrá LP [CHL]

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With all the fuck-shit-up and dance-your-ass-off music we give you on a daily basis, we thought it might be nice (and healthy) to spotlight a mellower attraction. We’ve heard “Con tu cuerpo el huracán” and seen “Que suba el momento,” but now we can partake in all the sing-out-loud, wrenching glory of PrehistöricosNuestro Día Vendrá (Precordillera), the Chilean duo’s first work since 2011’s Los Misterios del Fuego EP.

Todos tus átomos,” “Presentimiento,” and “Dos Planetas” are just a few of the earnest treasures you’ll find in their second LP. Download it for free here.

(Photo by Diego Palma)