Free Download: Puna's "Inmerso"

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Peruvian space, experimental, ambient rock band, Puna has released a new single entitled Inmerso (released by Latino American Shoegaze in March 2013). This micro compilation consists of two new songs entitled “Au Dial” and “Inmerso.”

“Au Dial” and “Inmerso” are artistically competent and musically complicated ambient tracks that possess strong expressions of beauty and experimentation. The songs are rich, intricate and full of creative layers of electronic and digital musical soundscapes that are intriguing and addictive.

Inmerso is not a single you’re going to listen to once and forget about. These new tracks are so entrancing, they may tempt you to listen again and again to let these ambient art rock wash over you and allow you to hear something new with every listen.

If you like Flying Lotus and vintage Radiohead, you’ll love Puna!