Free Download: Que Bajo?!’s "Suriname Ting" [USA]

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Que Bajo?!‘s dynamic duo (Uproot Andy and Geko Jones) are definitely no strangers to the sounds of tropical South America. For this new, free, two-sided single they hooked up with African music connoisseur and master remixer Chief Boima and together they set out to explore the uncharted territories of Suriname. Yes, that one tiny South American nation sandwiched between the two Guyanas that we all tend to forget is there.

The first track is an irresistible party starter, a remake of a well known Caribbean classic tune, updated for the cosmopolitan global bass dance floors with some African house flavor. On the flip side there’s a more laid-back track—as is the tradition of 7” singles—a remix of someone named Prince Koloni, who mixes reggae with traditional Guyanese music, or something.

I honestly know close to nothing about the music and culture of this area that’s more closely related to the Antilles than the rest of the South American subcontinent, so I’m not even gonna pretend to be able to fully appreciate the references in this release. All I can say is that it only took me about five seconds of listening to the first track to know I had to download it and add it to my party playlist.