Free Download: Gil Cerezo's Remix of Quiero Club's "Cuentos"

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Quiero Club‘s single Cuentos, from their upcoming record El Techo es el Suelo, has become a Remezcla favorite – it even made our Latin Albums to Look out for in 2013 roundup. Its catchy indie beat, and its accompanying music video are prone to leave you puking colors. Now we get to re-live our love for the song with a remix by Gil Cerezo, Kinky‘s leading man. The beat is reworked and replaced by a dark, repetitive rhythm. Throw in some bass drops and industrial beats, and you get Cuentos’ evil twin remix!

The lyrics speak about leaving a burial, or entierro. But with this remix, you wanna stay at the entierro and party with some corpses. Download this track for free below and join the party!