Free Download: Raido's Meant To Be EP [C.R.]

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Straight outta Costa Rica comes an EP that plays like a bouncy, nocturnal transmission from the satellite heart. Chill but ever expanding, Meant To Be is a brief drive through the twilight hours of an urban near-future backstreet.

Raido is the work of Giancarlo Renzi, who up until recently was known for the project that shares his last name, where he dabbled in dubstep and other styles of electronic dance music. This EP is released with the help of our good friends at NWLA and Top Cats.

For Meant To Be, Giancarlo didn’t shy away from adding anything he fancies, a kitchen-sink approach that never ends up sounding out of place. And while there’s a lot of hip-hop flavor to be found in these tracks—for example, the title track features a collaboration with Jesse Baez of the Guatemalan band Cóctel—Renzi likes to throw a curveball every now and again, like the 8-bit video game sounds on “Sonder” or the swing/big band intro to “I Think You Broke It.”

It’s a relaxing listen that doesn’t squander the opportunity to make things right and even challenge your expectations.