Free Download: Ray iBiza & Tropikore's "La Cumbia Fidget" [VEN]

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Remember five, six years ago when ñu-cumbia was still the new kid on the Latin alt dance-floor and we were all super excited about it? Well, every once in a while a new track comes out that renews that initial excitement in me, and this is one of them.

La Cumbia Fidget” is the result of a collaboration between two Venezuelan producers, one of whom resides in Argentina, so they worked together via Skype and Facebook messages. The track reminds me a lot of early Frikstailers with all those glitchy beats and broken-down samples but it has a peak-of-the-night raver feel to it, too.

It was released by Le Ronca Records, a new Buenos Aires-based net-label. The free EP includes four other remixes that take the track in unexpected directions, like drum-n-bass. I don’t know about that, but the original is the bomb and I can’t wait to drop it in my next set.