Free Download: Rey Pila Ups the New Wave Ante with "The Blast" [MEX]

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Everything’s a lot more polished these days in Rey Pila land. After signing with Cult Records (Julian Casablancas’ label), it seems as if the band chose to up the new wave ante for their upcoming album, and so what we’ve heard so far has been a cleaner departure from their self-titled debut. Even their haircuts are cleaner!

“The Blast” is their latest single to strive for spot-free status; a bouncy, husky homage to Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, and ‘80s pop/rock at large. It’s a fine song, but it makes me miss the messiness of tracks like “No. 114” and “No Longer Fun.”

Regardless, they’re solid live, so if you’re in NYC come August, then head down to Pianos every Tuesday. Rey Pila will be doing a residency at the LES staple.

Stream the track below, or click here for access to a free download.