Free Download: Royal Highness – Sakala Mois (EP)

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Royal Highness mix big bass beats, tribal, kuduro, cumbia, and trap music in such a way that I guarantee they will get you bobbing your head and dancing on their inventive new EP, Sakala Mois. The EP features four brand new tracks from the Austin-based duo. The first track, Screwbal is a blend of 90’s era “chopped and screwed” music and tribal. The combination sounds odd but it works very well, it’s a jarring big bass track that demands to be heard at a loud volume to truly appreciate its grandeur. PuroPari features the vocals of NYC based Zuzuka Poderosa and is a great quirky dance song that pays to tribute to “el puro pinche pari.” The track Extra Large Kids is a full on electro kuduro banger that will get your heart raising and your hips shaking to the upbeat African inspired groove that dominates the track. The final track Fiesta Colombiano mixes many samples, merengue sounding beats and big bass music to create an aural experience unlike no other. It is a mash-up of cultures that seamlessly collides on the dance floor. Fiesta Colombiano is a prime example of the continuous evolution of the Latino sound that fuses traditional elements in innovative ways to create a musical identity for a new generation.

The only bad thing about Royal Highness’s Sakala Mois is that it is way too short but it is a great indication of what is to come from this awesome duo. For now, I will keep playing these essential party songs until they release a full length album.

Take a listen to Royal Highness, Sakala Mois EP. You will not regret it.