Free Download: Rumpfunk's Remixalia ft. remixes of Gepe, Paniko, Fakuta, and more. [GER/CHL]

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Germany’s Rumpfunk Records—the globally minded, electronica digi-label—just dropped its 47th release, a 12-track compilation featuring Lluvia Acida remixes of Chile-based acts. Remixalia infuses acid and goa elements into all kinds of Chilean acts. It’s basically just slooooow versions of everything. Except for Gepe. That man can’t be contained. He also had a hand in his own remix, so we still get some dynamic movement from his track. With all the nasty slow beats kickstarting the “Armar y Desarmar” track, you expect Fakuta to come out reinvented as MC Faku, all badass and gold toothed. But, alas, we get a slightly more robo-tuned version of her voice. Other highlights: the background-friendly “Chamuyo” by Nutria NN and the hyper-theatrical Tobías Alcayota track. On an exciting note, the Paniko remix could definitely be in an episode of Game of Thrones. The Dothraki would LOVE it.

Download Rumpfunk’s Chile-focused compilation, Remixalia, ft. remixes of Gepe, Paniko, Fakuta, Humanoides, and more.