Free Download: Salón Acapulco’s “Al Ritmo del Verano”

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I’m sad to say summer is almost coming to an end for some of us, but not before we get to geek out to Salón Acapulco’s ultra sexy, nu-disco jam: “Al Ritmo del Verano.” It sounds like Giorgio Moroder and the Miami Sound Machine somehow spawned a much cooler, 21st century baby that came out with a mustache and awesome bass-playing skills.

“Al Ritmo del Verano” is the first single off their upcoming LP, supposedly due out in November 2013. If this is indicative of what’s to come, bring the party on Salón Acapulco. With its four-on-the-floor italodisco beats, funk style horn samples, and a pretty nifty marimba on loop, Salón Acapulco have created a track that evokes so much history that you can’t help but imagine yourself jamming out to it while cruising through a palm-tree-lined stretch of highway. Their video helps further that type of imagery with producers Telésforo and Iñigo lounging poolside in Acapulco with a girl in wooden platform shoes and a bikini, grainy filters and all.

What I like most about “Al Ritmo del Verano” is that Salón Acapulco are fully committed to the sound they’ve crafted, so instead of feeling like a throwback for throwback’s sake, it actually sounds like an homage to the raw beats that are part of the DNA of contemporary pop music. “Al Ritmo del Verano” is fun, kitschy, and fabulous…and so not afraid to show it.

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