Free Download: Salón Acapulco’s “Uagaloo Step” [MEX]

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Salón Acapulco have been teasing the release of their newest album since July, first releasing the Giorgio Moroder-inspired, end-of-summer jam “Al ritmo del verano” as a free download. This week we got another nugget of awesomeness from the Mexican duo with “Uagaloo Step,” an ode to the classic boogaloo god Pete Rodríguez. This time, the band’s signature tropitechno came with a very timely and fantastic vintage clip of the Miss Universe pageant, which, according to Red Bull Panamerika, was filmed in Acapulco in 1978. Oh, that hair!

Nostalgia over pretty girls in ’70s swimsuits aside, musically “Uagaloo Step” is a continuation of the tropical retro sound Salón Acapulco are known for. With a clean production and beats that complement rather than overshadow the Pete Rodríguez samples, the song manages to feel like a modern classic. The trumpet and synth lines that drive the track are hypnotizing enough to evoke that era’s fascination with psychedelia, while making you groove to the chill-out beach vibe, marimba included.

You can download “Uagaloo Step” on the band’s Soundcloud and check out the Miss Universe catwalk below.

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