Free Download: Skeptic's "Me Tienes Desquiciado" [P.R.]

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Twitter: @Kiddieriot

Among phased out chords and sung in a catchy, smooth R&B style, Skeptic returns with an (almost) solo track that will send sexy vibes across the dancefloor.

The catchy song has the guy rhyming and singing about getting his girl back, who he lost for another guy. His voice might be silky but it remains heavy with presence. Skeptic gets the beat from San José’s Orteez and gets a little help from Ask a.k.a. Triptacolor with a few words sung back to him.

The cover image for the single, by Silvino Edward, sees the rapper standing in front of the ocean, bare buttocks to the public’s eye, taking in the imposing vastness of the mass of water. If he can face the sea like he takes on a melody, we don’t doubt he will get his lady back.