Free Download: Sonido Muchacho Anniversary Compilation [ESP]

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Indie label Sonido Muchacho burst forth from Madrid’s womb last year and to celebrate those fledgling first 12 months of life they’ve released an eight-song anniversary compilation. Featuring some of the label’s artists—Siesta!, Juventud Juché, Terrier, and Tigres Leones—as well as some other local bands like KILL KILL!, El Pardo, Los Steaks, and Fabuloso Combo Espectro, the comp is an advance to the label’s June 19th anniversary party where all of these bands will play (drool). It’s hard to choose a favorite from this collection, but if you’re going to put a gun to our heads we’ll favor KILL KILL!’s “La Playa Desierta” and El Pardo’s “Las Clases Ociosas.” Sonido Muchacho leans toward the rowdier post-punk spectrum, so save this one for when you’re feeling particularly snotty.