Free Download: Súper Cadáver’s Debut EP [ESP]

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I have to admit, I hadn’t heard a proper punk record in a while. By “a proper punk record” I mean super lo-fi, amped-up distortion, and that homemade demo feel. All of that rolled into an EP-sized ball landed on my lap courtesy of Spanish noise rockers Súper Cadaver and their self-titled EP.

First off, let me congratulate the band on coming up with a badass name like Súper Cadaver. I kind of wish I could’ve thought of it. Secondly, as far as demos go, Súper Cadaver EP is a pretty good first effort. It’s lo-fi to the core and even when the drums are mastered a bit too loud, you can hear that the band has a well defined sound and aesthetic. Like the name implies, the music is dark, heavy, and fast.

Along the five tracks, Súper Cadaver switches from punk to noise to shoegaze like it’s nobody’s business. Sometimes they let the bass takeover way too much, but under the booming bassline you can hear how melodic their music can be, like in “Mozart,” the EP’s best song.

Nevertheless, the Súper Cadaver EP left me longing for the moshpit, and that is a good thing. Súper Cadaver EP is up on their Soundcloud as a name-your-price download.